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We are looking for honest feedback on our writing and stories.  The first ten pages or first chapters are readable online, now.  You don’t have to login.  There are no fees, points or gimmicks.  Just read the story or stories below and email us your honest opinion.  There is no spam.  There is no email database.  You critique.  We thank you.  And we’re done.  Read.  Enjoy.  Please let us know what you think. Please email Mr. Bear at the link on the menu above.  Thanks.



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Dog Tales





Phil Marcello


Richard Marcello



The stories in this book

may be fact or fiction.




Text Copyright © December 18, 2014

Phil Marcello - All Rights Reserved.

Cover Copyright © December 18, 2014

Phil Marcello







Cover Photos

Center – with permission Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, Ferndale, NY.

Top Right – “Bear” – Phil Marcello

Middle Right – “Zico” - with permission Joanne Olivier, Holland Kennels, Marcy, NY.

Bottom Right - with permission Alpha Dog Rescue, Lebanon Me.

Top Left – “Chief” – with permission Kaitlyn Peters

Middle Left – “Chopper” – with permission Kaitlyn Peters

Bottom Left – “Chili Dog” – with permission Paul & Marcia Abraham








Dedicated to

Joey, Carrie, Draco and Bear

The best friends anyone

could ever want.








I started out writing ‘Dog Tales’ as a testament to Joey, the greatest dog that ever lived.  But, as I wrote and reminisced, I started thinking about my other dogs: Carrie, Draco and Bear.  This led me to think about all the other dog owners out there and how they feel about their dogs. 

And while writing this, I had adopted an eight year old rescue, named Barron.  The experiences of adopting a dog prompted me to write a ‘how to’ manual on rescuing a dog, ‘K9 Rescue, How to Adopt a Dog.’ 

If you have a dog as part of your family, then you know what a great feeling it is.  And if you rescued a dog, then you know how special that is.  Saving a dog’s life is so much more than buying a dog from a pet store.  So, I decided that I wanted to help, in some small way, the many dogs out there, waiting to be saved.  

To sum up, I merged my two goals and decided on this path; collecting and sharing dog stories from people everywhere, and raising money for dog rescues.


Embedded in this book are many stories about my dogs: Joey, Carrie, Bear and Draco, hence the acronym ‘jcbdraco’ which I use on Twitter and Facebook.  I also brought in a few interesting stories of canine encounters that I had working with a dog breeding and boarding kennel in upstate New York.  These stories are a collection of zany, funny and weird stories that needed to be told.  And, along with them are many, many stories by people like you, who also believe that their ‘best friend’ is or was the greatest dog in the world.  

I do caution, that not all the stories are funny and not all have a happy ending, but such is the life of a dog.  I do preface the stories with a rating of GI (general interest), F (fun) and SC (serious content).  If you’re just looking for fun stuff, stick to the GI and GI & F rated stories. 





By Phil Marcello – Rated GI & F


It was a Sunday morning.  It was supposed to be a morning to sleep in.  My first sleep in, in like forever.  I even bought more time by taking Joey out for a very late walk last night.  There was nothing that was going to interrupt this fine morning, or so I thought.

And then I heard it, the loud panting and then a whine.  That impossible to ignore whine.  I opened one eye and could not believe what I saw.  In fact it was so scary that I didn’t trust that eye, so I opened the other.  I still couldn’t believe what I saw.  Joey, my five year German shepherd, was standing there with his tongue hanging out, and it was blood red.  I could also see his canine teeth, and they were blood red as well.

Half my brain was still asleep and the other half was in shock.  I tried to roll out of bed, but my feet weren’t ready and I crashed to the floor.  When I looked up at Joey, I could clearly see that his whole mouth, from front to back was blood red.  Surely, he was hemorrhaging.  I started to freak out, but fought back for control.

I crawled on my hands and knees to a pile of clothes and began pulling my pants on as I created a plan in my head.  Where was his leash?  Where are my car keys?  Where is the emergency hospital?  I


was almost standing when I missed a leg hole and fell back down to the ground.

Joey was looking down on me, with a stupid look on his face.  He wasn’t panicky.  He wasn’t flopping around on the ground. It was all very strange.  I knew that Joey was a tough dog, but he was acting so calm and cool.  It made no sense.  

I finally did get some clothes on and led Joey to the kitchen.  For the second time that morning, I was shocked at what I saw.

You see, last night, I had brought home a two pound bag of red pistachio nuts.  I had opened it, cracked a few and left the bag on the table.  Now the bag was on the floor and ripped wide open.  A million pistachio nuts were scattered all over the kitchen floor, except, they were no longer red.

I don’t know how long it took, maybe the entire night, but Joey had licked the red off of every single nut and didn’t break a one. Fortunately Joey had a strong constitution.  He ate every meal that day, as normal. 

Of course, his teeth and tongue were temporarily dyed red, but it’s nothing that gnawing on a bone couldn’t cure.  And eventually my heart returned to beating normal.  Next week, next week, I’d sleep in.




Saving a Dog is a Great Feeling

By Chris VanDeloo – Rated GI


My name is Chris, and I live in Fultonville, N.Y.  We recently took in a dog, a Beagle coon hound mix, who was extremely overweight.  Her nails were very long and had not been cut in God knows how long.  She is the best little fatty we ever had. We named her Honey Baby.

She likes to stay outside and play with the other dogs.  We will get her to be thin again.  Saving a dog from things like this is the best feeling in the world.  Remember to treat them how you want to be treated, and show them lots of love.  They will be your best friend forever!

* * * * *



A Diamond in the Ruff

By Phil Marcello – Rated GI & F


I was away when Diamond was dropped off for boarding at our kennel, so I was not aware that her owner had warned us that she was a biter.  I first saw her that night, a sweet, elderly English bulldog.  As I passed by her run, she waddled over to greet me with a huff and a grunt.  Her antics were so cute, that I was taken in by her rugged charm.

I opened the gate and gave her a pat.  She wiggled her little butt back and forth.  It was so funny.  As I was doing my night walk, checking on all the dogs, I let her walk along with me.  She stayed right by my side the entire time, so well behaved, and followed me back to her run when I was finished.

Over the next few days, she became my constant working companion.  For an old lady, she held her head high, as if she understood the role she was playing.       

On her third day, while I was walking her in the yard, she started pawing at my leg.  I wasn’t sure what she wanted.  I guess I figured she was getting tired, so I picked her up and cradled her and let her jaw rest on my shoulder.  She let out a soft grunt and nestled in for the trip back.


It was the seventh day, when her owner came to pick her up.  I could tell it was him, as he walked toward the office.  You know how they say, ‘a dog resembles their owner’, well, in this case, they could have been twins.  He was old and round with a wrinkled bulldog face.

I went back and grabbed up Diamond and carried her out to greet her daddy.  When he saw us, he looked horrified.  “No, no, she’ll bite you,” he growled.  “Put her down.  Put her down.”

Needless to say, I was surprised.  I put Diamond gently on the ground.  She looked up at me and wiggled her butt.  Then she turned toward the man, lowered her head a bit and barked out a chilling bark, yet, another surprise. 

As he bent over to click on a leash, she snapped at him, but missed by a mile.  “I warned you people.  She’s a biter,” he snapped at me.

As they walked away, Diamond turned back for a quick look.  I swear, I saw her wink at me.  What a jewel.




Short Life of a Pit Bull

By Kada Assegai – Rated SC


My boyfriend and I shared an apartment together in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.  His troubled cousin, Kevin, stayed with us for a few days, well him, and his pit bull puppy.  The puppy was just so adorable that I fell in love with her immediately.  Kevin even allowed me to name her.  The first name that came to mind was Diamond.  I’m not sure why.  She would just always stare into my eyes like we were having a blinking contest.  It was just so weird, but cute. 

Diamond was golden brown and her eyes were brown as well.  She was truly beautiful.  Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s cousin got arrested and he let my boyfriend and me to take care of his dog.  As the months went by, we grew deeper and deeper in love with her.  We would take her on walks to the beach and hiking in the park.  As she grew older, she still did that thing where she would sit in front of me and stare into my eyes.

Then one day a friend of Kevin’s came by completely unannounced claiming that diamond was both his and my boyfriend’s cousin.  He stated that since Kevin was locked up, the dog belonged to him.  We argued with him that we've been taking care of the dog


for over 7 months and there’s no way in hell that he is getting his hands on her. 

One day my boyfriend and I went down the street to do some grocery shopping.  We left Diamond outside in the backyard, to run around and play a bit.  When we came back, our dog was gone.  The horrible thing about St. Kitts is that people do not report dogs when they go missing.  This is so different than in the U.S.  You can’t call the police or anything.  You just have to hope they come back.  We searched all over the island, but she was nowhere to be found.

Then someone told us they saw my cousin’s friend putting Diamond in to fight.  It crushed my heart, because even though she is a pit bull, she’s not a fighting dog.  I trained that dog to love, cuddle and play.

The day after we heard about the fight, we came home and found Diamond sitting at our front door.  She was bleeding everywhere.  Her ears where cut.  Her legs were broken and her tail was hanging off.  It was horrific.  It traumatized me.  I’m literally crying now just thinking about it.  My boyfriend took her to the vet immediately, and tragically they put her to sleep.  I’m scared to fall in love with a pet now.  It’s like once you have the responsibility of one, they turn into more than just a pet.  I just got a kitten though.  She warms my heart.











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