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Dog Tales has been released on paperback and E Book

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Nuts!! -  “And then I heard it, the loud panting and then a whine.  That impossible to ignore whine.  I opened my eyes and could not believe what I saw.”

A Diamond in the Ruff - “I first saw her that night, a sweet, elderly English bulldog.  As I passed by her run, she waddled over to greet me with a huff and a grunt.”

The Lucky Squirrel – “Carrie looked like a one hundred pound snowball.  I did my best to keep quadrupeds and birds out of her reach.  But this one time…”

The Chipmunk and the Dog – “She had spotted something moving in the yard.  Suddenly she took off running.  Sandy started jumping and dancing wildly.”

A Bone to Pick – “I laid down, tossed the blanket over me, and slid my hand under the pillow and came in contact with a cold-sticky…”

Alligator Wrestling – “This spooked my dog and Joey took a flying leap of the floor in full attack mode.”


Click here to see our book on Amazon.com