Name the Trump

Name the Trump

The Donald loves to put titles on people. He loves to expose other people’s weaknesses even if they aren’t real. He says people are low energy. Calls them liars. They have blood dripping from places and on and on it goes.

It just seems fair that the Donald should be subject to the sames handling. So starting now, I am encouraging my blog, twitter and Facebook followers to submit their favorite pet name for Trump.

Right now my favorite name for Donald is garbage mouth. Yes, garbage-mouth Trump.

In fact, I’ll make it a contest. First prize $100. Winner to be announced on July 17th, the day before the start of the GOP convention.

So email your pet name for Trump at, or tweet your pet name using the hashtage #Namethedonald

I will be the final judge. Limited to people of voting age. There is nothing to buy. The winner can choose to remain nameless.

I will update my blog with name submissions as I receive them.

This should be fun

Release day for “Finding Shawn”

This is an exciting day. The release of my novel Finding Shawn.


Shawn and Alex have been friends since first grade.

Alex, the rock star quarterback, appears to be basking in the limelight of his success and his new romance with Pam.  But appearances can be deceiving.

Shawn is the key man in the football team’s solid defense. He’s also the senior class’ most eligible bachelor. But Shawn has no time to get involved with a girl—at least, that’s what he tells his friends.

In reality, he does have a love interest… Tony Valito.

Side-by-side, the relationships between the two couples blossom.  One in the open. The other in secret. That is, until Shawn’s world erupts when the rumor that he’s gay gathers momentum.

In trying to find Shawn, perhaps his friends will end up finding themselves. And everyone will discover how dangerous are the lives of high school athletes.

How sad and pathetic has Microsoft become?

You hear people say, let’s keep the Internet free.  Corporations are spending billions of dollars to research how to make you pay for the Internet.  Microsoft via Windows 10 has found a sad and pathetic way to make you pay.

Did you notice that with Windows 10, the games are back?  Play them for free.  Ha Ha.  Most of the games are designed so that you cannot get very far in the scoring department without help.  You’ll see.

Game after game you face an impossible scenario, without some help.  A wild card perhaps.  And extra move.  After you meet a certain frustration level, a screen will appear to offer you these things.  Go ahead.  Choose one.  And there in the middle of your game, you will get a one minute commercial.  That’s right.  You’re doing your thing, chilling out, trying to get away for a few minutes of simple fun and then smack…  a commercial… in your face.

So they make you buy your wild card or extra move by watching a commercial.

I feel sad for Microsoft, that they are so hard up for money, that they will shove a commercial down our throats in the middle of a card game.

Way to go Microslut.

The Donald. What’s up? I’ll tell you in 2 weeks.

Donald Trump has accused Bush of not having enough energy.  This may be the case, but this isn’t about Bush.  It’s about ‘The Donald’.  Trump has a lot of energy.  It is in his lips.  They never stop flapping.  He uses them to attack anyone and everyone.  Even people who have nothing to do with Presidential politics.

But Donald says nothing about anything of real consequence.  Oh, he does say he will do this and that, if elected President.  I think he said that he would cure Cancer and add three more planets to our solar system.  But he never says how.  His number one line is I’ll tell you in two weeks.

I remember four years ago, he said, he would prove that President Obama was not born in this country.  And he said, he would release his proof in two weeks.  It’s been four years.  You see folks, it is all an act.

Next time you see ‘The Donald’ speak, look very carefully.  You will see little flies hovering around his mouth.  They are expecting the next delivery of manure.

Is Roger Goodell a Commissioner or Prosecutor???

What with the NFL???  Isn’t the NFL about Football???

Not since Roger Goodell became the NFL Commissioner.  In the past few years, more and more NFL headlines are dealing with scandals, domestic violence, on field fighting and abuse and of course deflate gate.  And while no more wants to blame Goodell for the actions of others, Goodell’s incompetence as commissioner has helped the negative headlines to hang around a lot longer than necessary.

In 2014 when dealing with domestic abuse issues, Goodell was on again off again.  Treat them easy, treat them hard.  And the headlines continued.

Then there’s deflate gate.  This blog isn’t about deflate gate it’s about Goodell.  How has he allowed this controversy to linger so long?  It’s August and everyone should be focused on the 2015-2016 season.  But not with Goodell.  This Law and Order prosecutor, I mean, this football commissioner is dragging this out, through the courts.  Why did Goodell go to court first after rejecting the appeal?  He wants a legal showcase.  Why?  I cannot begin to fathom.  Is Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner or the NFL prosecutor?

Goodell has done for the NFL what Donald Trump has done for the Republican Party.  He is distracting everyone from their original purpose.  In Goodell’s case, it is football.

Roger Goodell needs to go, so the NFL can get back to football and so we the fans can get back to football.

The news media are now judge and jury

We now live in a culture where we are ruled by the media.  News and sports casters are now judge and jury.  The facts no longer matter.  Public figures are guilty with no chance to be proven innocent.

The bigger you are, the more they look for a chance to tear you down.

But who is judging the news and sports casters.  Media lies and media gets it wrong way too often.  The news people want to hold everyone responsible, but they do not want to be held responsible when they screw up.

We would all be better off, if we just stopped watching the news.

Is it the end of the world as we know it?

I believe we are at the crossroads of humanity?

It was amusing when people actually thought that the world was going to end in 2012, but there was also, another interpretation.  The end of the Mayan calendar was to signal the beginning of a new era, but what future was foretold.

Some believe that the Mayans were warning that the human race would be at a juncture.  That we would have to choose one of two roads.

The first road is to continue on with a cycle of war and hate and march toward self-destruction.  The other road was to choose a road of peace and to understand that the job of humanity was to protect and nurture the earth.

Right now, it seems that we have chosen the first road.  War is everywhere.  Hate is seething out from every corner of humanity. It just like before World War II, except Hitler did not have nuclear weapons, drones and killer satellites.

Russian dictator Putin has one goal, and that is to rebuild the Soviet Union and then expand beyond it.  He is backed by close personal billionaire friends.  It reminds me of Republicans who want American boots on the ground every time somebody has a bad cough in some far off land.  Are rich people so board that trying to rule the world is they’re only amusement?

The next World War will be the last world war, because it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Unless the human race chooses building over destroying, love over hate and caring about life in all of its forms, then we are destined to go the way of the dinosaurs and become and extinct species.

Why would you buy twitter followers?

Buy 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 followers?  I don’t get it.  First of all, are they followers?  How can they be?  They don’t know anything about me.  They didn’t choose to follow me.

So my 15,000 followers becomes 25,000 followers.  How does that benefit me?  First of all, are they real people or just dummy accounts?  Secondly, Will they reply or retweet anything?  And third, will I be inundated with more ads to buy twitter followers from the thousands of new followers that you bought?

I already get more tweets than I could possibly read.  Do I want 10,000 more strangers dumping who knows what into my feed?

I really don’t understand this addiction with having massive numbers of followers who did not choose to follow you.

Think about it.  You don’t know them and they don’t know you. Are they really followers?  Or are they just an imaginary number.