The Donald. What’s up? I’ll tell you in 2 weeks.

Donald Trump has accused Bush of not having enough energy.  This may be the case, but this isn’t about Bush.  It’s about ‘The Donald’.  Trump has a lot of energy.  It is in his lips.  They never stop flapping.  He uses them to attack anyone and everyone.  Even people who have nothing to do with Presidential politics.

But Donald says nothing about anything of real consequence.  Oh, he does say he will do this and that, if elected President.  I think he said that he would cure Cancer and add three more planets to our solar system.  But he never says how.  His number one line is I’ll tell you in two weeks.

I remember four years ago, he said, he would prove that President Obama was not born in this country.  And he said, he would release his proof in two weeks.  It’s been four years.  You see folks, it is all an act.

Next time you see ‘The Donald’ speak, look very carefully.  You will see little flies hovering around his mouth.  They are expecting the next delivery of manure.

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