Is Trump the source of the intelligence leaks?

Is Trump the source of the intelligence leaks?

As Donald Trump somersaulted into the White House, one of the first things he did was to assault the intelligence community. To the Donald, the intelligence community was somehow a threat to his administration. No, not because they are so much more intelligent than the Donald, more likely because he feared that they would discover just what he is up to.

So, they began, the leaks, intelligence leaks from deep within the White House. It has been ongoing for six months. Leaks from phone conversations, leaks from emails, leaks from closed meetings. Unstoppable leaks. But how and from who.

There is only one person who had access to recordings of those phone conversations, email archives and closed-door hearings. Donald Trump.

Why? The intelligence leaks server multiple purposes. First and most important, they discredit the intelligence community. This has a much more sinister under pinning than anyone can imagine.

Secondly, they act like storm clouds distracting Americans from Trump’s own lack of knowledge and experience. Without these distraction, his incompetence would be paramount.

And third, he is using these leaks to carry out his hidden agenda.

Trump needs to get rid of the special counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating Trump’s collusion with the Russians and much, much more. He can only do that by stacking the FBI and Justice Department with loyalist. He leaked and maneuvered former FBI director James Comey out of office. The only thing Trump needs now is to get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is a stumbling block to get rid of the special counsel. Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation. This not only angered Trump but it made Trump vulnerable to being exposed for the corrupt, treasonous thing he really is.

Hence today’s leak about Jeff Sessions. Leaked by Donald Trump himself. In one action, he has continued to discredit the intelligence community and set Jeff Sessions up to resign or be fired.

Donald Trump is a threat to our country and our Democracy and that is what he desires. Trump’s business model involves causing anarchy and destroying anything in his path. Now that he is in the White House, he is applying that same business model and unfortunately Americans and the United States of America stand in his way of his goal, to be like Vladimir Putin, a very rich dictator.

Since becoming Russian President, Putin has increased his wealth from millionaire to being worth over 45 billion dollars. And he is also President of Russia for life. These are what Trump cherishes to be. And he must destroy everything that is good to get there.

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