Democrats are lousy sales people

Democrats are lousy sales people. Here we are with days left until the next election and you hear nothing about what should be the number one topic on anyone’s agenda, the economy.

Did you know that under President Obama there has been seventy two months of consecutive job growth? Seventy two months! Never in our history has a president overseen seventy two months of job growth. So why aren’t Democrats shouting this from the roof tops.

They should be saying, do you want more of the same or do you want change.

Donald Trump will change everything. He wants trade wars and to revoke trade treaties. He wants to mess with the Fed, interest rates, banking regulations, real estate laws, social security and retirement laws.  Yes, Donald Trump will change things.

Say goodbye to seventy two months of continuous job growth…

Or vote to continue President Obama’s streak of seventy two months of consecutive job growth.

Your choice.

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