Why does the GOP hate Hillary?

They interviewed some GOP voters and asked them why they were voting for Trump and almost everyone said, because they hated Hillary Clinton. They hated Hillary Clinton. Hate is a strong word. Why would they hate her? Because of her email server? I doubt it very much.

Let me take you back to a time when Bill Clinton was President and Hillary was first lady. Hillary published a book, “It takes a Village”. The book points out that a child is influenced by its neighborhood, schools, family, friends, hospitals, libraries, etc. It was not a controversial book.

And yet, Republicans went wild. They attacked Hillary. They attacked her book. Republicans went on talk shows to blast every aspect of what Hillary wrote as if it was a threat to humanity.

But why?

For more than 20 years, Republican mouth pieces like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the Alt Right have mercilessly attacked Hillary for anything and everything she ever did.

But Why?

I don’t know why but I can speculate. The Republicans hate women. They hate women to succeed. They want women to stay at home. They want to be able to abuse them like property. A women president would undermine their control of women within their sphere. They hate this prospect. That is what they really hate. It was bad enough they had to suffer through a black president.

Since Hillary became a viable political figure in the 1990’s, I believe that they smelled the inevitability of her rise to power. Yes as far back as 1996, the Republicans have been trying to stop Hillary for reaching the presidency.

Why else have they been attacking her for over two decades? Think about it. What has she actually done that deserves such hatred? The answer is nothing, except to threaten man’s power and right to rule over women.

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