God help America

If Donald Trump is elected President, then this country will no longer stand for anything worthwhile.

I have tried to be a Patriotic American for all of my life. I was a Republican at one time, then a democrat. Most recently my status has been as an Independent. Things change. People change. However, if the majority of the people in this country choose a vile, disgusting, pervert like Donald Trump to be their President, then I will no longer consider myself to be an American.

If the majority of the people in this country care so little about other people, care so little about equality for all, and are so full of hate that they can elect a non-man like Donald Trump, then I am not an American.

What is happening to this country is a damn shame. Cable news cares more about ratings than the United States of American. Republicans care more about kissing NRA butt than the United States of America. It seems too many people are so self-involved that the country doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is their pathetic pet peeves.

Electing Donald Trump will be the lowest thing that has ever happened to this country. Lower than the Civil War and lower than 9/11.

God help America. God help the human race.




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