Enterprise Rent A Car Epilogue

To Their credit, Enterprise Rent A Car responded quickly to my complaint. I was contacted within the hour on the Internet and then talked voice to a media representative.

So while there was no pin pointing why these events happened, Enterprise took immediate steps to correct the problem and offered to compensate me for my time and distraction.

I work in the technical support arena. I have for a very long time. I know that to a customer perception is reality. And I’ve handled a boat load of crisis, enough to know that it takes the people, the ones who come in contact with the customer, to prevent these kinds of things from bubbling up. These front line people need to be trained that “stuff happens”. (I’m being nice hear). ¬†When stuff happens and they see it, they need to inject themselves into it and fix it, immediately. Otherwise it might rise to a boil.

It seems that Enterprise has matured to a point of having a team of people dedicated to stepping in and dealing with issues that boil over.

The fact that Enterprise has a twenty four hour a day billing cycle, you rent at 10 AM, you return at 10 AM or else you get billed extra hours, is a normal business practice. However they need to insure that the start time, on their billing, begins at the actual time the car is driven off the lot and not the reserved time that can be impacted by weather, standing in line, flight delays or and act of God.


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