Hate mongering

These police shooting and the Orlando and San Bernadino shootings and what’s happening in Europe are not ISIS planned events. These are acts of hatred.

This is what happens when mentally damaged people have easy access to weapons. This what happens when feeble minded people latch onto hate speeches by people like Donald Trump or Baghdadi.

They are not warriors or religious zealots, they are dysfunctional anti-social and mentally disturbed people.

If Donald Trump ever got elected, the level of hate in this country would rise exponentially. Even to the point of an America civil war. And make no mistake about it, there are many crazies among Trump supporters who want the confederacy to rise again. They want the KKK to rise to its former glory. They want a civil war.

Our two party system was designed to prevent a lunatic like Donald Trump from reaching a level of being able to destroy our Democracy. But the Republican party lost their moral compass when a black American won the white house. They were so busy trying to undermine President Obama they forgot their job was to tend to the people of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, hate is more powerful than any other human property. And hate is becoming the rule of law in the streets the same way it became the rule of law in the Republican party.

If Donald Trump is elected to the office of the President, then God help our Democracy, God help the United States of America and God help the world.


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