How sad and pathetic has Microsoft become?

You hear people say, let’s keep the Internet free.  Corporations are spending billions of dollars to research how to make you pay for the Internet.  Microsoft via Windows 10 has found a sad and pathetic way to make you pay.

Did you notice that with Windows 10, the games are back?  Play them for free.  Ha Ha.  Most of the games are designed so that you cannot get very far in the scoring department without help.  You’ll see.

Game after game you face an impossible scenario, without some help.  A wild card perhaps.  And extra move.  After you meet a certain frustration level, a screen will appear to offer you these things.  Go ahead.  Choose one.  And there in the middle of your game, you will get a one minute commercial.  That’s right.  You’re doing your thing, chilling out, trying to get away for a few minutes of simple fun and then smack…  a commercial… in your face.

So they make you buy your wild card or extra move by watching a commercial.

I feel sad for Microsoft, that they are so hard up for money, that they will shove a commercial down our throats in the middle of a card game.

Way to go Microslut.

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