Name the Trump

Name the Trump

The Donald loves to put titles on people. He loves to expose other people’s weaknesses even if they aren’t real. He says people are low energy. Calls them liars. They have blood dripping from places and on and on it goes.

It just seems fair that the Donald should be subject to the sames handling. So starting now, I am encouraging my blog, twitter and Facebook followers to submit their favorite pet name for Trump.

Right now my favorite name for Donald is garbage mouth. Yes, garbage-mouth Trump.

In fact, I’ll make it a contest. First prize $100. Winner to be announced on July 17th, the day before the start of the GOP convention.

So email your pet name for Trump at, or tweet your pet name using the hashtage #Namethedonald

I will be the final judge. Limited to people of voting age. There is nothing to buy. The winner can choose to remain nameless.

I will update my blog with name submissions as I receive them.

This should be fun