Is Roger Goodell a Commissioner or Prosecutor???

What with the NFL???  Isn’t the NFL about Football???

Not since Roger Goodell became the NFL Commissioner.  In the past few years, more and more NFL headlines are dealing with scandals, domestic violence, on field fighting and abuse and of course deflate gate.  And while no more wants to blame Goodell for the actions of others, Goodell’s incompetence as commissioner has helped the negative headlines to hang around a lot longer than necessary.

In 2014 when dealing with domestic abuse issues, Goodell was on again off again.  Treat them easy, treat them hard.  And the headlines continued.

Then there’s deflate gate.  This blog isn’t about deflate gate it’s about Goodell.  How has he allowed this controversy to linger so long?  It’s August and everyone should be focused on the 2015-2016 season.  But not with Goodell.  This Law and Order prosecutor, I mean, this football commissioner is dragging this out, through the courts.  Why did Goodell go to court first after rejecting the appeal?  He wants a legal showcase.  Why?  I cannot begin to fathom.  Is Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner or the NFL prosecutor?

Goodell has done for the NFL what Donald Trump has done for the Republican Party.  He is distracting everyone from their original purpose.  In Goodell’s case, it is football.

Roger Goodell needs to go, so the NFL can get back to football and so we the fans can get back to football.