Why would you buy twitter followers?

Buy 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 followers?  I don’t get it.  First of all, are they followers?  How can they be?  They don’t know anything about me.  They didn’t choose to follow me.

So my 15,000 followers becomes 25,000 followers.  How does that benefit me?  First of all, are they real people or just dummy accounts?  Secondly, Will they reply or retweet anything?  And third, will I be inundated with more ads to buy twitter followers from the thousands of new followers that you bought?

I already get more tweets than I could possibly read.  Do I want 10,000 more strangers dumping who knows what into my feed?

I really don’t understand this addiction with having massive numbers of followers who did not choose to follow you.

Think about it.  You don’t know them and they don’t know you. Are they really followers?  Or are they just an imaginary number.

Why the Democrats lost this election

Say what you want, but the Democrats lost this election, because they do not know how to market themselves.

They have a leader who has done great things for this country, for the American people, for the ecomony, and yet they were unable to make the people see what a great president we have.

Let’s start with wars. Pres Obama ended two Republicans wars and has done his best to keep us out of four others. If Romney had been president we would have troops in Libya, Syria, Nigeria and Chad. And we would still have Americans dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let’s go to the economy where, in 2008, we lost ten million jobs. President Obama turned the economy around without Republican help. In fact, if Republicans had not forced state and local governments to layoff government employees, the economy would have recovered so much faster.

How about Health care. Ten million people now have health insurance for the first time. Is that a bad thing. Health costs overall are down.

How about gas prices and our dependency on foreign oil. Have you noticed that the price of gas is the lowest in ten years. Have you noticed that the United States is exporting oil and natural gas.

What about Russia. Bush could not handle the dictator Putin. Pres Obama did. He leveraged our petro resources into driving the Russian economy to the brink of collapse, to stall their military build up and put a wrinkle in their expansionist plans.

Now the world is rallying around the United States to help fight the two greatest threats to the human race, Isis and Russia.

So what are the negatives? Ummmmmmmmm.

No, the democrats are poor salesmen. They have never been good salesmen. They let the Republicans control the story and that story is usually based on myths and lies.

Democrats do not fight back. They do not expose the lies. They do not go after the liars. Why, of God why?  I guess if I knew that answer, I’d be President.