Elections have consequences. Please think and vote.

This year, we have come to a cross roads in the health of our country and our Democracy.

Our country is under siege from a Republican Supreme Court that made corporations into citizens that allowed mega-billionaires like the Koch brothers to buy as many politicians as their corrupt and greedy money can afford.

Social Security is in jeopardy.

Millions of people who have healthcare for the very first time in their lives, will lose that health care.

 With Democrats, we now have affordable healthcare. Two Republican wars are over. The economy is chugging along with 45 months on continuous job growth. We are no longer being controlled by foreign oil producing nations.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

But now is not the time to turn control of the Senate to the Democrats.  They will put our boys, our army, in Syria by the hundreds of thousands.  They will bankrupt our economy so that they have an excuse to wipe out Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.  They will be able to under fund education, the CDC (which we need in this time of Ebola), the EPA, and the Justice system.

 We are at a crossroads, my friends.  It is up to us to decide and to vote.

Elections have consequences.

If we fail to elect people, who have our backs, don’t be surprised when you discover that there is a knife there.

Please think and vote.

For the sake of the United States of America, please, think and vote.


Peyton Manning, the $6 Million Hypocrite

Pro sports is major league anti performance enhancing drugs. Then why oh why, is Peyton Manning allowed to QB in the NFL after having spent millions of dollars in stem cell surgery.

Since returning from his European Surgery, which is outlawed in the U.S., Peyton Manning has been acting like the 6 million dollar man (close $$).

What is more offensive is that Peyton Manning was on record, nay, he contributed money to Republican candidates who were against stem cell research prior to his injuries.

So now, here he is, the bionic man, Mr. Super Performace Enhancing Surgey. OR should he be called the 6 million dollar hypocrite.

This Republican Supreme Court is a detriment to Democracy

The current Supreme Court is the most Un-American Supreme court in the history of our country.  The Supreme Court is supposed to consist of unbiased jurists who interpret and apply the constitution.  Instead, what we have are Republican politicians who are working for GOP, of the GOP and by the GOP.

Allowing “poll taxes” and other discriminatory practices to block average Americans from voting is un-democratic.  It is dragging us back to the nineteenth century.  Every effort should be made to include everyone in the voting process.

With judges touting the rights of the court to favor religion, with bigoted views being spouted during their private paid speeches and with judges raising money for the Tea Party, justice is not blind, it’s dead.

With the Supreme Court serving the interest of the GOP over the constitution and the American people, they are more of a threat to our liberty than Vladimir Putin.

Keep in mind, who will be approving future judges, when you go to vote November 4th.