What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

There are many theories about what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  Here is another possibility.

Based on the pilot’s history of bringing women up to the cock pit, I wonder if he might have done something similar on this flight.  Sometimes when people do something that they are not supposed to do, and get away with it, the next time, they push it further.

Did something inappropriate happen on that flight?

The jet took a sudden climb to 43,000 feet.  This could indicate a physical altercation was happening in the cockpit.  Did the girl scream rape?  Did she try to resist and get into a struggle.  Was the girl or one of pilots or a passenger seriously injured during the steep climb?

With the Pilot and maybe the co-pilot as well, being in fear of being charged for a crime, the wanted to buy some time to discuss it, so they shut the navigation systems down and flew at a low level to avoid detection while they discussed what they should do.  Maybe they were attempting CPR or first aid on the injured party.

At some point, that injured person died. The situation just kept worse and worse. The pilot and or co-pilot, became despondent and desperate and made a suicide pack and flew the jet in the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel.

Of course this is all speculation, and we may never know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but like most people, I can’t help but wonder.