The Syrian War by Proxy

The Syrian conflict is for Iran what Iraq was for America, an endless quagmire, and it may be deliberately so.  The Syrian war has entered its third year. It is attracting Al Qaeda radicals from Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Chechna and Pakistan. And for many western leaders, that’s not a bad thing.  That may be why, Western Powers are so slow to intervene and if they do intervene it will only be to supply arms to keep this war going.

During the Iran – Iraq war from 1980 to 1988, the world experienced a major decline in terrorist activity.

Now, some believe that the Syrian war will kill off many radicals and terrorists who would be otherwise engaged in plotting attacks against the West and at the same time, sucking billions of dollars out of Irianian coffers further weakening their economy.

For Israel, who is always looking for reasons and distractions to stall the peace process, the Syrian confllict is a God send.

This is a Proxy war that has now attracted Hezbolla. And this is even better news for those who want to see the resources of Iran, Syria and Hezbolla sucked down, the way U.S. Resources were sucked down in Iraq.

If true, this war can be expected to last at least another five years, with Sunni Muslins and Shiite Muslins being armed from many different sides to kill off as many future terrorists, Iranian Revolutionary Red Guards and Hezbolla fighters as possible.

My trip to the UK

I just arrived in England, landing at Heathrow Airport.  The weather is beautiful, clear skies at 60 degrees.  The limo ride to Reading was scenic, even at night.  Heavily forested Highways, part of England’s plan to reduce noise and smog and everyone says it is working.

My Limo driver was of Indian decent.  A very friendly and knowledgeable man.

Coming in at night meant no lines at the airport and no traffic on the highway and the hotel staff was waiting for me to arrive.

Its 10:30 here but my brain is on 6:30 Eastern time.  But it gives me a chance to start browsing where I want to go and what I want to do.  I’ll be posting pictures over the next 2 weeks although my weekdays will be mostly business.