Dog Walkers, Please, Please, control your PET.

It upsets me to walk my dog in the park as see dog poop on the trails. It upsets me when other people dogs charge up to my dog out of control. It upsets me when I see frail elderly people out for a slow walk being intimidated by large dogs who run up to them. It upsets me when I see out of control dogs running up to unsuspecting children.

Having owned large dogs for almost 25 consecutive years and walking those dogs in the park every day for those 25 years, which by the way is probably the reason why my blood work always comes back with perfect test scores, I have always tried to show respect to the other people using the park.

I have seen the frightened look on the faces of elderly people as a large dog runs up to them.  I have seen the scared look on a parent as a strange dog charges at one of their kids.

I have seen the disgusted look on the faces of joggers and bikers as they steer around dog poop sitting in the middle of their path.

There is no reason for this except for laziness and a total lack of respect for the park and other people.

Responsible dog owners have their pets under control at all times.  When I walk my 100 lb Belgian Shepherd, he is not on a leash, but I have the leash in my hand.  When I see other people approaching, I call Bear to my side and snap the leash on, unless the people call out to my dog, “here pup” or some such thing.

I never let my dog approach elderly people unless they are prepared and approve.  “Do you like dogs?” is all it takes.

When I walk toward someone walking their dog, I usually ask, “Is your dog friendly?”.

Asking a simple question will get you an answer telling you how you should conduct your dog.

Nobody knows what a strange dog will do.  The dog may be friendly, but is it hungry? Did the dog just come from the veternarian after having shots?  Is the dog annoyed by a tick in its ear?  Does the dog have painful hip problems?  Is the cologne, or other scent offensive to a dog.  Who knows what might make a friendly dog snap.  Beware before allowing a dog to approach another dog or another human.

As far as dog poop is concerned, I was blessed with a very smart dog who trained himself to walk deep into the brush to make a poop.  I dont know why.  Maybe he doesnt like seeing poop on the trails either.  If you walk your dog in the park, on the trails, bring a child’s scooper with you and if your dog does his business on the trail, scoop it up and toss it into the thick brush.  Or scrape your show along the ground until you build up a wall of leaves and then side kick the poop into the brush.

Now I know some people believe that you should always bag your dog poop. But in the woods where I encounter deer dropping and while animal remains, I dont feel that is neccessary, but I would bag it, if I was in a more residential area.

So please, have some respect for the other people who use the park. Have some respect for other people dogs.  Be aware of joggers, bikers, the elderly and families. It is your dog, please be RESPONSIBLE.