Give me $5M and Ill turn it into $250M

This is a once in a life time opportunity.

First, we buy Curt Schilling’s bloody sock at auction.  Curt Schilling is the Red Sox pitcher who helped them to their “curse breaking” World Series in 2004.  During a key game during that series, he bled from a wound that was visible on his sock during the game.

Now we have his DNA.  We use it to Clone another Curt Chilling.  Wait 20 years until he is old enough and we have an MVP major league pitcher who will rake in a mnimum of $25M a year for at least 10 years.  Thats $250M dollars.

Please send the $5M investment dollars in cash only.

The GOP is all about predators and victims – Part II

 The GOP predatory and victim belief system is also prevalent in our economic system and in its policies.

Let’s start with Vulture Capitalism.  A term offered up by Gov Perry of Texas to explain Gov Romney’s idea of making money.  Imagine a group of men, mostly, millionaires all, sitting in a room around a table that probably cost more than your car, plotting to take over a company for the express purpose of sucking out its value and putting all the employees out of work.  What kind of greedy, heartless, soulless creatures are these that are so rich that they have no comprehension of the destruction that they do to people’s lives and their families. Or do they?  What good is being rich if there are no poor people around to look down on?  The vulture capitalist are the predators, the employees the victims.

Think of people like the Koch Brothers, with their $40 billion plus dollars, who would rather spends hundreds of millions of dollars to buy politicians to keep their taxes low than to contribute those dollars for the public good through taxes, or to clean up their dirty coal powered power plants, or to give their employees a decent cost of living wage.  The Koch Brothers are predators. Their employees, the people suffering from the polluted air, and the general public are all victims of the actions of the Koch brothers.

The general GOP philosophy of giving tax breaks to the rich while laying off government workers, teachers, policemen and firemen is another example of the predatory nature of the GOP.  The first thing Gov Walker did in Wisconsin, the first thing most GOP governors do when they take over a state is to start catering to the rich with tax breaks, right to work laws, removing safety laws, curtailing environmental protection, for no other reason but to give the rich people more and more money and to make it easier for rich people to get even richer.  Think about what must be going through the minds of these people, to sacrifice the general welfare, to forsake the average working man and women and their families, knowing they are making it harder for the masses and easier for a few wealthy people.

Elizabeth Warren attacked bank regulators at hearings last week.  Why?  Do you know how many bank crisis we have had since 1970? At least 4.  Do you know how many worldwide? 42

Why do they keep happening?  Because the rich and powerful are not subject to the same laws of theft and fraud as we are.  They plot, connive, create complicated money schemes, suck as much money as they can out of the general public, then rely on bailouts, bankruptcies and even early retirement to escape from the disasters that they cause.  But go to jail for their crimes? Hell no.  Bernie Madoff went to prison because he stole from rich people. You are not supposed to steal from rich people. Rich people are predators not victims.

Imagine the mindset of GOP’ers to protect subsidies for oil companies while robbing seniors of their dignity.

Imagine the mindset that would deny a child a decent education while fighting for corporate welfare.  Or a city without police protection because there is no money left after cutting the tax rates on the rich.

The point that I am trying to make is that the mindset of the GOP is so inbred, it is so instinctive that it blinds GOP’ers and their wealthy benefactors from seeing or understanding what destruction and hurt their selfish and greedy actions cause.

The only hope for the people, is to unite, communicate, and fight the lies, corruption and greed that perpetuate the Republican party.

If Best Buy Goes out of Business, here’s why

The rumors are out there and here’s more.

Dover NH.  I go into Best Buy, pick the computer I want, grab the box, get out my credit card and a Best Buy employee, standing around, doing nothing, tells me I can’t buy it, because there are no sales associates available.

I can’t just take it up to the register and pay for it. Here I am, on a work break, and I can’t just buy what I want. I have to hang around for who knows how long until a sales associate is ready.

This isn’t 2003.  The last time I couldnt buy what I wanted from an electronics store was Circuit City just months before they went out of business.

When they are crying that people just use their showroom to see what they want and then order it from or Walmart, to tell a customer with a product in one hand and a credit card in the other, that they can’t buy it, is absured and incompetent.

Beware Best Buy.  2013 will probably be its last year.

By the way, I bought the Laptop at Walmart. In and out in 5 minutes.

So you bought a new Windows 8 Laptop !!!!!

So you went out an bought a new Windows 8 laptop and now you are at home and you want to fire it up and use it.  Surprise!.

Your Laptop must be connected to the Internet for you to set it up.  They want you to fill out forms so they know who you are, where you are, your date of birth and more.

Why?  You bought and own this piece of equipment.  Why do you have to be ‘authorized’ to use it.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others are trying to own you.  Its a competition for your future business and the want to lock you in.  Windows 8 is Microsoft’s foray into ‘Cloud’ computing.

In the future, your laptop will ‘have’ to be connected to the Internet to use it.  There will be no programs on your PC.  The files you create and save will be saved in the ‘cloud’ on someone else’s machine.

Google already does that. By a Google Chrome laptop, and you are hooked on the Internet and Google for everything.

Windows 8 is a step, not not a complete step in that direction.

As I said, to use your Laptop you have to provide private information.  They say it is neccessary, in case you lose your login or password.  What if you don’t want to login or have a password.  My old laptop just booted up and I used it.  Well, too bad.  You need a login and it has to be your email account.  And you need a password.  And to use ‘your’ computer you need to verify in your email account that you are real. Wow!

So now you are in someone database.  Now you have an account, like it or not. And now they can start collecting information on you.

Windows 8 also has a start screen where you have button to instantly connect you to everything from Facebook to Netflix to Twitter and more. Beware, if you use them, you will just be adding to ‘your’ file that Microsoft has started on you.

Having been around computers most of my life, I was ready for this.  I have my email account, with my friends and family and I have an email account for nosy companies.

I have two birth dates. My real birthdate and the one I use websites who have no business knowing my birthdate.

And I wont use ‘their’ buttons.  I dont want my Facebook account linked to my Netflix Account linked to my twitter account linked to my etc. etc.  I like my privacy and I am not willing to give it up yet.

So when I use my new laptop, I will access Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts, but I’ll do it by typing in in the top box when I open Internet explorer. I wont be using thie buttons.

I also use aliases or a slight different spelling of my name for each account I use, so they can’t be linked together.

Maybe I’m paranoid, just a little, but I simply do not want these companies to know everything about me all the time.


The GOP is all about Predators & Victims – Part 1

This is a four part Blog delving into the GOP and what primitive instinctive urges drive their obsessive compulsive and destructive behavior.

Part 1 deals with the war on women.  Part 2 deals with Republicans economics.  Part 3 deals with their addiction to firearms while part 4 deals with their need to make themselves superior by ensuring racial inequality.


You have probably heard the term “winners and losers” or “strong versus weak”, “the hunter and the hunted.”  These are based on a primeval instructions buried deep within our subconscious mind.  In cave man days it meant the strongest ate first and lasted the longest.  Today it effects every aspects of our lives including sports. Just take a look at this years Super Bowl winner, or better yet all the teams that didn’t win the Super Bowl; one winner, many losers.

The basic law of the land is that there has to be more losers than winners.  Imagine what would happen at a horse racing track if everyone bet on the horse that won.  How would they pay the winners?

And then there is the basic law of winning, the need to feel like a winner, to lord it over others and to bask in the glory of it all.  Do you remember Leona Helmsley the flamboyant business women also known as the Queen of Mean who ended up going to prison for tax evasion?  There are a few interesting notable quotes associated with her tyrannical financial empire such as, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes…”  And then there is, “What’s the point of being rich, if there are no poor people around.” Of course, while the GOP is intended to be a male dominate club, they tolerate women who are rich, ruthless, masculine or serve to further their agenda.

This brings up to the point of separation on which the world of the GOP is based; the world of predators and prey.  In the world of hunting, the separation of predator and prey is obvious.  The hunter is the one with the gun and the prey is the one bleeding on the ground.

Part 1.

In the GOP’s war on women, it is also obvious.  You have a macho man who runs his life like a bunch of little kingdoms, one at home, one at work and one wherever he happens to be. And then you have women who are animated objects who are there for the sole purpose of catering to the needs of the man. And man must be served either voluntarily or by force or coercion.

The best example of this philosophy is in the area of the rape of a woman. Here the man fulfills his role as the predator and the women is relegated to her role as the prey.  The man is the winner, the women is the loser.  The man gets to hunt, use his weapon and then bask in the glory of his actions.  From the perspective of the GOP, that is all that matters, the victim is not important.

We see proof of this in the attempt of GOP Senators to legitimize rape or to find ways of protecting the rapist by blaming women for enticing the act.  Rape must be the women’s fault.  Just like it’s the deer’s fault to be drinking at a watering hole right in front of the hunters gun.

Now, while not all GOP think this way, consider former Senator Todd Akin.  For this man to believe that somehow a women’s body has an ability to shut off getting pregnant, if raped, shows the mental conditioning of the GOP male that I am referring to.  Todd is worried about the woman getting pregnant. He is oblivious to fact that an act of violence has occurred. Rape is not about sex.  It is about “the hunt”. It is about control. It is about the use of force. It is a predatory act.  And because the hunter believes that hunting, in this way, is a perfectly normal thing to do, he must try to legitimize it, explain it, defend it and perpetuate his right to do it.

The GOP has chosen to take up the fight to legitimize, protect and perpetuate rape through misleading and misguided laws to make it more difficult to prosecute the rapist and to even give the rapist paternal rights if a child is born out of that rape.

Remember, in the mind of the GOP and the world of predators, there must be losers, there must be women to prey on, otherwise, there can be no hunters, there can be no winners, there can be no kingdoms.

I do not believe that it is possible for these people, GOP men, TeaBaggers, to change the way they do business. This is what they believe.  It is how they were raised.  It is how they have carried on for their entire lives. It is buried deep inside their evil souls.

Despite the losses in the 2012 election in which the war on women was a factor, the GOP has done nothing but continue the drum beat to protect the rapist and ignore the victims of rape.

These TeaParty GOP’ers who have been flushed out of their holes and into the public eye are doing in front of cameras and newsmen what stealthier GOP’ers have been doing for decades.  No we can see them in all their horrific glory and maybe now that they are out of their closet we can begin to re-educate them into civilized society.

Coming next week- Predators & Prey in the ecomonic world
Romney – Vulture capitalism

Coming Soon – Guns & Assault Rifles. The need to Hunt, the need
to have victims

Coming Soon – Race – How the GOP, especially in the South
used Race to perpetuate their Predatory Instincts