Fiscal Cliff, How did we get here?

In the year 2000, Pres Bush and a Republican Congress were handed a balanced budget after 8 years of democratic leadership.  The ecomony was so healthy that the biggest concern was deflation, the lowering of overall prices. Social Security & Medicare were no problem.

Then came the Bush tax cuts that sucked $1 trillion of income from the federal government. Then came the Iraq war that cost $709 billion and the Afghanistan war $600 billion.

But the biggest add on was the 2008 economic collapse that cost the country $12.8 trillion dollars.

Thats a total of $15 trillion dollars, give or take a few hundred billion dollars.

All of it is a direct result of Republican, WallStreet and Big Bank policies.

If Republicans had not been elected in 2000, there would not be a massive national debt, there would not be a fiscal cliff and there would not be any need to touch Social Security or Medicare.

But the Republicans did get elected in the year 2000 and we are facing an ecomonic crissis, but why arent the people who caused this problem paying for this problems.

The Super rich benefactors of the GOP, the big banks, wall street and companies like Haliburton that made mega billions off of the two wars; these are the people who should be coughing up the dough to pay for our national debt, Not the elderly, not the sick, not the poor and not the unemployed.

The Republican party is pushing a TAX CUT for the wealthiest families in the country via an inhertitence break that will cost $1 trillion dollars over 10 years while they fight to cut medicare.  The Republican party has no social conscience and no empathy toward the people of America.  They have become the party of treachery the party of treason.

The NRA and the Culture of Killing

The NRA which represents a mind set of killing and violence is under attack by the main stream and social media.  While for many, guns are just the tools of hunters and law enforcement, for many others it represents the “fix” for their addiction to perpetual fear.  They believe that guns are the answer to a government that will take away their rights, or what they will need when the apocalypse comes a knocking, and let us not forget those pesky zombies that will be unearthing themselves any day now.

But the massacre of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has removed the luster of the American gun culture and make no mistake, the NRA, the mouthpiece of the gun toting public will mount a major offensive to protect their rights to keep building their private arsenals.

History has shown us what happens when the glamour of an industry is lost. Remember the Tobacco industry? It was once the darlings of Wall Street as Tobacco companies made hundreds of Billions of Dollars at a cost of the destruction and deaths of millions of people.  Every big company in this country was invested in this industry of death along with their employee’s retirement funds. It didn’t matter that the product they produced killed innocent people, they were making money, big money and their ever loyal customers were dumb and happy addicts who could care less about the end result.

Then a new awareness swept over the smoking public along with cash strapped local governments.  This powerful combination made the people turn on that industry and sucked away a lot of their profits and addicted customers. While the Tobacco companies were never wiped out, they were brought under some control.

The gun lobby will fight to prevent the same thing from happening to them.  The massacre at Sandy Hook has awakened the public.  The NRA response was chilling and impersonal.  This comes at a time when local governments are looking for new revenues.

  The firearms industry produces products that kill a lot of innocent people. Gun owners are addicted to their deadly pacifiers and local governments are beginning to talk about licensing and insuring guns.

In a capitalist society, money talks.  The NRA has a lot of money and major financial backers.  The industry is powerful and their customers are loyal.  The death of innocent people are not as important as protecting their God given right (really?) to possess as many guns as their pocket books will allow them too.

The public is aware and as we saw in the 2012 election, an aware public cannot be very easily bought out, but the NRA is duty bound to try.  Blood lust is a powerful addiction and using a gun is all about killing or pretending to kill and nothing more.  And the victims are always innocent whether it be a deer or rabbit foraging for food or children sitting in a class room starting to learn about life.

It’s all up to the people now.  We now know what happens when assault rifles are used by non-military people.  We now see the true nature of the NRA through its leadership response.  Only the people can change all of this.  The people, when focused, have tremendous power.  The people beat back the Supreme Court’s horrid Citizens United decision. The people beat back the flooding of billionaire dollars trying to buy the 2012 election.  The people beat back the organized efforts to block the vote in 2012.

The people can win this battle of humanity over weaponry.  It will be a tough battle as the opponent is powerful and determined.

The people can win, if we the people stay focused, if we the people keep talking, if we the people keep organizing, if we the people keep demonstrating and if we the people listen and support the voices of reason, our voices, as we are the people.

Dogs are not toys

Dogs are not toys. You can’t just put them away when your done with them.  Dogs are needy. They need good food. They need clean water. They need your time and attention. They need exercise. They need a good Veternarian.

Befor giving a pet as a gift, carefully consider if the person will be able
to handle that responsibility and still enjoy their pet.

After the holidays, animal shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with
unwanted pets and the number of strays goes up dramatically.

Giving a gift of a pet requires a lot of thought not only for the new pet owner but for the animal as well.

Hunting is about killing

Hunting is about taking the best weapon and finding innocent innocuous targets.

When I was just out of high school, I went hunting for the first time. I looked forward to it.  I had played football, baseball & tennis with friends. I had been in a few fist fights in high school. I was no bully but no wimp either.  I was looking for a new challenge, a new sport so when I was invited to go on a hunt, I accepted.

My friends were good. They had maps, they had knowledge, they had good equipment. Tthey demonstrated their know how of their guns taking them apart, cleaning them and re-assembling  them.

So the next day, the hunt was on. Out early before sunsrise we crept to a blind (tree house) where we sat for an hour using binoculars until we spotted a deer, several actually; walking, grazing, minding their own business and in a flash one of them was dead. The animal was no match for a high powered  hunting rifle with a mounted scope.

My friend yelled out, I got him. I was bewildered. What had happened? Where was the sport? Where was the challenge? Why had we come here? It didn’t make any sense. It was as if my friend had to prove something to himself by killing an animal that had no chance against him.

And what of the deer. I know nothing about deer, but I’m sure that it had a mother, maybe even a child. And now it was dead? Why? My friend still lived with his parents and never missed a meal. So what was this all about?

I love football because if I hit someone they can hit back. Tennis is trying to match your skills against a skilled opponent. Hunting is such a mismatch, a serious imbalance of skill.

But that’s what hunting is. Hunting is about taking the best weapon you can afford and finding innocent innocuous targets. That’s what it’s all about, so can we be shocked when a deranged man goes out an gets a gun from anywhere, everywhere and then goes to someplace where they know there are innocent innocuous targets. It’s what hunters do.

That hunt with my friends was my one and only hunt. Tracking down and killing an innocent didn’t make sense to me then and it doesn’t make sense to me now.

The GOP Perpetual Presidency

Jeb Stuart Magruder, jailed for his part in the Watergate scandal
was quoted as saying former Pres Richard Nixon had planned a perpetual presidency.
Nixon planned to establish “a perpetual presidency ” by being able to pick
the next GOP presidential candidate and destroy any Democractic opponents.

This is the bassis for the Karl Rove plan. It was his intention to create
a perpetual presidency by channeling his money and organizations into selected
candidates and by knocking off Democratic candidates via scandals ahead of time.

Fortunately, Karl Rove has failed repeatedly in his quest. However, now with
the Heritage Foundation, Tea Party and people like Adelson working together,
controlling who runs for the White House and who wins the White House threatens
to undermine our Democratic process.

The Supreme Court has allowed this unholy alliance with their Citizens United ruling allowing unlimited and essentially anonymous donations to candidates via
Super PACs.

In 2012, the attempt to steal the White House and the Senate failed because of incompetence. However, as they learn to produce better candidates, better liars,
the elections in 2014 and 2016 could become the bassis for the greatest threat against freedom in this country in over 150 years.

Rice Versus Rice, the GOP Hypocrisy

Republican U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain attacked U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for giving talking points on the Benghazi attack that were provided to her by the CIA. She had nothing to do with embassy security, nothing to do with any decisions on Benghazi. It was a relentless attack by desperate pathetic GOP politicians to hurt President Obama after his great elction victory.

Want proof, compare Susan Rice to Condolezza Rice, Bush’s Sec. of State.

During the summer of 2001, Condeleezza Rice met with CIA Director George Tenet to discuss the possibilities and prevention of terrorist attacks on American targets. On July 10, 2001, Rice met with Tenet in what he referred to as an “emergency meeting” held at the White House at Tenet’s request to brief Rice and the NSC staff about the potential threat of an impending al Qaeda attack. Rice responded by asking Tenet to give a presentation on the matter to Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney General John Ashcroft. On September 11, 2001, Rice was scheduled to outline a new national security policy that included missile defense as a cornerstone and played down the threat of stateless terrorism.

When asked about the meeting in 2006, Rice asserted she did not recall the specific meeting, commenting that she had met repeatedly with Tenet that summer about terrorist threats. Moreover, she stated that it was “incomprehensible” to her that she had ignored terrorist threats two months before the September 11 attacks. (Thank you Wikepedia)

Both Rice’s were highly political, both remotely inolved in a crissis but neither one had a real hand in the diasters and neither one was responible for the outcome. Yet Senators McCain and Graham, two up for election Senators, acting out of desperation, used Susan Rice to play up to the threat of a Tea Party challenge and in the process blocked a decent, hard working American from taking the next logical step in her career as a master in foreign relations.

How pathetic the GOP has become. How pathetic Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have become. Neither one is anywhere close to being the legitmate representatives of the people that they serve. They are two dinosaurs pretending to be modern day animals, but it just isn’t working. Not only should Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham not be re-elected, they should resign immediately and allow legitimate newcomers to take their place.


In 2012, the GOP engaged in a conspiracy to undermine the choice of the Amercian people by engaging in wide spread voter fraud and voter suppression. And they didnt even try to hide it with Sate officials in Ohio publicly stating that they were trying to impose laws to insure a Romney victory.

Their Presidential candidate enaged in frequent and flagrant lies to win voter support by deception.

To engage in a deliberate attempt to deny Amercians their choice is not only Un-Democratic but its Un-American.

Totally ignoring our Constitution, The Republican party is for the party, of the party and by the party and they could care less about what the majority of Americans want.

As long as the GOP remains an Evil Party, we will need to be vigilent and protect ourselves from new and better schemes that the GOP is working on right now as you read this.

GOP & The Tea Party

The GOP has always been a stealth party. They say what they need to say to get elected. They know what not to say, so they don’t tick anyone off and motivate the opposition. But once they get into office, they pursue their anti-women, anti-minority and anti-gay agenda.

The problem with the Tea Party, as far as the GOP is concerned, is that these new clowns are not ready for prime time. They say the wrong things and don’t know when to keep their big mouths shut. They lose elections, elections that an experienced Republican would have had a better chance to win.

If the Tea party ever learns the stealth ability of the tried and true GOP, then our country will surely be in big trouble.

Latinos, beware the GOP

The election is over & the GOP is trying to come up with a new plan to win elections.  Republicans are toying with the idea of trying to win over the Latino vote.  But Why?  Why not the women vote.  Why not the black vote?  In 2004 black voters accounted for 11% of the vote. In 2012 it was 13%. Women make up 53% of the vote. The Latino vote increased from 8 to 10% from 2004 to 2012.
So why doesnt the GOP make an effort to court black voters?  Is it because the GOP is anchored in the most racist part of the country, the deep South, where black people are still considered to be inferior or worse?
So why doesnt the GOP court the women vote?  Is it because it is to difficult to win over women while the macho Tea Party is trying to dominate and control all women?
So that leaves Latinos.  The GOP can pretend to care about their interest. They can pretend to care about immigration.  They can pretend to care about their causes just like they pretended to care about Cuban causes, but only during election years.
Latinos, beware.